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Understanding financial reporting and budgeting

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Maybe you have recently become member in the board of a non-governmental organisation and you have been able to contribute your passion, vision and the skills but there were also those moments when the staff presented you with the quarterly financial reports and you did not understand them very well. Maybe you recently started to manage a project, you are working with people who implement activities and also with your Financial Officer and sometimes you are caught in the middle. Maybe you are volunteering to set an organisation’s finances in order.

Some people seem to be able to look at a huge Excel chart filled with hundreds of numbers and conclude in a few seconds that everything looks ok, but for some others, it would take much longer to understand what every number in that budget means and how to conclude that things look or they do not.

Even for those activists who are very averse to numbers and budgets, it is important to be able to understand how these work, at least at a primary level, because, whether we like it or not, budgets do impact our lives. Depending on what you do exactly in your organisation, it may be your responsibility to understand how the finances of an organisation work and be able to take decisions based on accurate financial reports and updates.

We would like to help you. By going through this short and relaxed online course on budgeting and financial reporting, you will be able to understand more clearly how a budget was constructed, how people track the various expenses of a project and how to take financial decisions that will maximize your impact and make your funders happy.

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